Master Angel

It was just before Christmas of '77 and snowing pretty hard since the night before. My larder was low, so I thought I'd better go to the Safeway International and stock up on groceries. Being as Sonny had to take me and it was Saturday, his day off, he wasn't happy about going out in the snow, but at the same time wanted to eat, so grudgingly, he packed me and my wheelchair into the car and off we went.

As we went into the store, there was a row of straight back chairs lined up in front of the plate glass windows. The chairs were all empty except for one person, a man sitting about midway down the row, looking at me very intently as I approached in my small electric cart.

Even though the man was sitting, I could tell he must have been over six feet tall. He had a snow white beard and hair, both wavy and cropped about shoulder length. On his head, he wore a sailor's navy, knit watch cap. His coat was a brown/tan plaid Macintosh, over blue jeans, and on his feet were tan, high-topped work boots. I supposed he was about fifty or so years old, as his face was youngish with no obvious wrinkles. How I knew this, I cannot say, but I felt this man was silently asking me for help. What It was, I also didn't know, but I thought he may be hungry.

After we had passed and had reached the produce section a few yards farther on, I stopped to talk to Sonny and ask him to please go back and give the man $5.00. He said why did I want to do that, and if he had to do it, it would have to wait because he wanted to hurry up and get the shopping done before the snow got so bad it would be hard to get out of the parking lot. He would do it after we checked out.

We finished the shopping, and I noticed the man still there, and still looking at me. I kept my eye on the front of the store as we were packing the car and getting ready to leave. Sonny was ready to leave forgetting his promise, but I got mad and told him to go back and keep his word. Cussing under his breath, he went back into the store, returning in about five minutes saying, he couldn't find the man anywhere and the checker didn't know what he was talking about when he asked her where the man was. She said, "What man? No one has been sitting there today."

I had been sitting in the car watching the front of the store and I never saw him leave.

It would take five more years for me to know of who this was, or even that such a Great Person existed. That information came to me through the Merv Griffin Show, as I watched him interview a man named Benjamin Creme, who spoke of Maitreya, the Great Master of Masters, who is here at this time to teach us to live together in Love and Peace. He regularly appears to different people around the world. I was one of the fortunate ones, and that incident has forever more changed my life.

It's twenty-two years later, and something that should have normally faded from my memory is more vivid than when it happened.

Bonne Dix, Virginia (USA)