Three Angels

(who visited my mother before her death)

by Linda M. Young, daughter
One night 3 beautiful angels came
and sat upon my bed
with flaxen hair and eyes of blue
and a glow about their heads

No words were spoken, but I knew
they had come to take me home
to that place among the clouds
where many a foot has roamed.

It wasn't quite my time to go
but they let their presence known,
so I would know not to fear
that new and vast unknown

Then one day when I awoke
they had returned to say
I could no longer wait
nor stay another day.

My favorite grandchild spoke my name
and held out to me his hand
He and many others escorted me
to this our promised land.

My loving daughters
were there with me
and stayed right by my side
And held my hand until I left
to join the other side.

Greg is here and he will show me
what to see and what to do
While we both together save
a place here up here for you.