Intro To My Life

This is a short one but I'll never forget it!

This was before my life ever existed and I was a spirit being introduced to my life. I was in a house, in the parlor and seeing things from the ceiling; just floating looking down at a small boy at the age of 5, he had blonde hair and was playing by himself with some toy cars. While I was looking at him I got the voices in my head "this is where you'll live at the age of four" or something like that. "This will be your big brother, his name is Ben." And then I heard a nice description of him. Then I moved over to the kitchen where a woman was holding a baby in her arms, and she was rocking the baby and feeding it. I focused on the little baby, and the voice started talking again and it seemed like it was someone I knew, maybe even my guardian angel. "This will be your little brother, he is still a baby and his name is Samuel."

"This will be your mother, she is 33 now." Then other discussions with me and the other being. As I was floating there was no temperature, I don't think any arms or legs or even a body but it's too hard to explain. And you don't see other beings floating around you, but you can feel them and identify them through the feeling they give to you.

It's weird because to communicate there was no sound whatsoever in the spiritual environment but to hear someone else you would hear them talk in your mind and visa versa. You could go almost anywhere almost instantaneosly. After I was completely introduced to my life it was hard to explain the feeling but everything went black and thats all I remember. This whole spiritual thing happened in the lounge room. Now when I was three years of age I didn't remember this thing I had, but one time when I was four I started to walk into the lounge room and looked to the left and there was Ben my big brother as usual playing cars in the lounge and I kept on walking and suddenly my memory of being introduced to life came back in a great big flash and at that point it felt like I jumped into that body and everything started right then at that moment.

Now I actually think I had chosen this life myself...

Jeremy Wilden (Australia), 14 years of age.