Because We Are Human

I was out of my body once again in this dream (i know this because I have experienced being out of my body alot.)

I was in a garden of some sort and my small brother came up behind me. he is 11 now. I didn't see him but by the feeling of his presence I could tell it was him beyond doubt. We were there coz it was time for me to move on and I had to say goodbye because I was dying. I was talking to him. I was getting highly sad that I had to leave him so we visited places. I was telling him how sorry I was because I had to leave him and I really didn't because I knew he would have to wait 3 years for me to ever see me again. I was saying that I was so sorry and I just wanted to stay but I had to leave coz it's my time and I burst into tears because we were really close brothers and he came up to me and conforted me in this. We went to certain places and talked about what what's going on and I was incredibly sad that I had to go through another 3 years without me because I've always been there for him, yet he still comforted me and said it would be ok.

We visited several places and it was finally time for me go. as I traveled with my little brother in this strange white environment which it went on for eternity and there was no sky, one of my friends came in to comfort me as well. After that I woke up.

2 days later I asked Stuart my friend if he had a dream that stood out in the last couple of days, he said yes. I also asked him if it was 2 days ago and it was with me and my little brother and he said yes.

I've never met my little brother as a spirit and I was astounded on how caring and understanding and calmly forgiving. I believe the cause of fighting and conflict is us humans and once we are out of our body we will be freed from the natural flaws of being human.

I asked my litte brother if he remembered and he said he can't remember anything from that night. Jeremy W. (14 years of age)