Take My Hand

One of my teachers Mrs. Samuals was telling our class a story about when she was a child.

She told us that when she was a little girl she and her 2 sisters were playing on a bridge about 300 feet high both of her younger sisters were throwing small rocks off the bridge and squashing the melons under the bridge, my teacher was throwing heaps of rocks and not hitting any of the melons, because her sisters were younger than her and hitting more melons she was getting angry and was embarrassed so she picked up a huge piece of concrete thinking that the bigger the rock the easier to hit something, she just barely lifted above her head when suddenly she started tipping backwards, she began falling over the side of the bridge when she saw a man dressed in white clothes. The man said, "TAKE MY HAND" and suspended his arm. He pulled her to safety, then he flew straight up, smiled and disappeared into the clouds.

I hope u can put this story on your website

Yours in Christ

Jordan Neave
Dubbo, Australia