Stuff That Dreams are Made Of

by Abdel Messih Wafic
I don't know if you're going to believe or not, but in my dreams I had so many warnings about danger concerning me and others around me.

In my dream, my mother was driving a small gray car, suddenly she stops the car, gets out and hands me an injured child and tells me to take care of him. I replied that I couldn't.

The next morning, we went some where and while waiting at the bus station, an accident just occurred. A white cadillac hit sideways a small gray two door dodge. The man came out safely from his cadillac but no one came out of the second car.

After a few seconds I went to see if the driver of the car was ok.The only thing I saw is an unconscious woman in the front seat and her 5 year old son in the back seat. I took care of the woman by giving her first aid and my mom joined me after a few minutes and took care of here son.

It's not the first time that I predict the near future in my dreams, God has been helping me a lot. It has a few years now that predict the future in dreams. This story may not be the best written or the best story yet. But everything I said is true. I wrote true facts that has occurred in my life.

Thank you for your attention