My Special Dream

A few months I had a dream.
It was a sunny nice day and I was sitting on the sand of a beautiful beach.
I don't remember with who I was on that beach, but I know that there were may people. As I looked up to the sky (little bit to the right) I saw our lord Jesus on top of a cloud.
As everybody looked up at him, he bowed with open arms, suddenly I felt the urge to tell everybody on that beach to do the same thing, to bow to him and we all did. He stood maybe a few seconds looking at us and he said mentally, (I dont remember exactly if he said it to me or to everybody on that beach) that he had a message for us. As he mentally said those words, I just woke up from my dream asking myself : What was the message???.

Believe me, since I had that dream my life as totally change. I have had a few unexplained experiences since then, specially with angels.

One day as I was sleeping I heard two beautiful voices calling out my name at the same time. I cannot tell if the voices were male or female they just called out my name a few times. That day I was sleeping with my grandmother and the voices kept calling my name, I woke up and touched my grandmother to see if she was the one calling me, but she was sound asleep.

Another day, I went to a book store I was looking around for angel and meditation books. As I looked around I felt the urge to look to my right side, I saw a baby maybe one or two years old, he had most beautifull blue eyes I have ever seen. We both looked at each other for few seconds, I cannot explain in words the feeling of love and peace I felt at that moment. The feeling was so, so strong that I felt that he was touching my heart physically. I believe he was a special angel, because I have never ever experienced a feeling so unique and wonderfull in my life.

The center of my life is God and I believe that everybody has their special messenger of light and if you ask it will be granted to you. I am a living examble.

Vivian S.