Vision or Dream?

I have'nt spoke about it very often, since it happened, but has far has I can remeber, whether it was a angelic vision, or just a dream, I can remeber wakeing with a feeling of wonder and even awe, at what a loving God, we serve: my vision, or dream went something like this:

I was seeming to float through what I thought to be a corridor, which was rather dark, however, upon closer inspection I noticed, these to be like clumps of bodies, dark yet possible I sensed they were alive, and wacthing yet unable to do anything. when i neared what I beleive to be the end I was all of a sudden in a room with a I think Golden throne, possibly mimicing, God's White Throne, in a rather poor way, I sensed a strong pressence there, not a peaceful one, I think I began to pray, or say something to the effect of: satan is a defeated foe, I am God's child or something like that, then the room became like transparent glass, and I think 5-men in all white came and surrounded me, Praise God, then I sensed movement, like an upwards type of movement. I remember a sense of a cleansing powerful light not an earthly one but one that would be felt even in the spirit-man like a type of probe, I wonder if that is what is meant by: Man see's the outward apperance, but God, bless His name, see's the Heart.(inward).

God bless this site, & Israel forever
Jesus is my King!!
Rick Sharpe,MN