Last Breath

I just recently separated from my husband, because he was being unfaithful, and the night before my world turned upside down I had a dream about Jesus. In my dream I was in a house with some woman and the weirdest thing was, was that they were not wearing any clothes. Then I started hearing sirens go off, and then bombs began hitting the ground outside and people were running everywhere screaming. I was scared and did not know what to do, and one of the women told me not to run outside because I would get shot.

Well I was so scared that a bomb was going to hit the house that I ran outside immediately. While I was running snipers were shooting people and I got shot through the chest by one of the snipers. I felt the bullet go through my chest and I said to myself I am going to die. I knew that I was going to die so I said to God, "I know that you said that if I ask you for forgiveness that you would not let me go to hell." So I asked Jesus to save my soul and my life, and I fell to the roots of an old oak tree. I breathed out my last breath and closed my eyes, and then I breathed in and there was Jesus. I knew it was him because I saw it in his eyes and smile. I kept saying, "Its you, its you, itŐs really you." He smiled at me and hugged me like I was his daughter. Then he healed the area were the bullet went through, and it left a large scar over my heart.

When he hugged me it filled my whole heart with his love. Then I woke back up. This dream was strange because the next day my husband took our baby and tried to destroy me. Nevertheless, I have to say that I got my son back with the help of God, and though my heart was broken, I know that God is going to heal it with his own tender loving hand.