Angel of Maria

I was barely 4 and a half years old. We lived in a little nipa hut in the Philippines on the North Coastal Region. One day me and my sister Maria were playing Jackstone. Because the floors are not intact with each other, the tendency when we throw the stones are to go the hole down to the ground under the porch of our house. When it is my turn to play one of the stones fell in the ground. My sister Maria got up and went down to pick up the stone.

As she goes down, her body pass thru from the light rays of the early morning sun. Then I saw her; Guardian Angel. Tall with wings from the top of her head up to the heels. Her clothes were long. Her hair was also very long and curly. Her hands were stretched out ready toi grab my sister if she fell.

I ran after my sister and shouted as I embraced the Angel. I said" OOOOOHHHH the Angel of Maria! My mother came from the kitchen and asked, what is it, what happened? I told her I saw the Angel of Maria and I embraced her. I describe to my mother her looks. My mother cried, and cried, as she went back to the kitchen washing and cooking.

Other time I used to pick from the well water for us to use to cook, wash sister Maria came with me, and as I pulled down the pail to get water from the well she also had a hold on the pail, but she did not let it go, so her body was shoved down inside the well, but amazingly she was able to catch the orifice of the well, and I shouted for help.

I called my mother and she came and pulled her out. My mother beat me to death. She also hacked me with a big huge wood cutter. At that moment, I cried the whole night, and I cursed my mother to die. How could my sister catch the orifice of a well wall when she was just 2 years old? YES IT IS TRUE, THERE IS GOD.