Rafael in Produce?

My name is V. Thomas and I just wanted to share this experience. My two sisters and I went to the grocery store together one Saturday. We are a close family and we love to do things together. Anyway, this particular Saturday, as we got out the grocery cart we started in the produce section of the store, then noticed this man stocking vegetables. I had not noticed the man because I saw this strange fruit and I was asking them about it. The fruit was a cross between a nectarine and a tangerine. I was asking if they knew what the were and if they had ever seen any before. One of my sisters told me to ask this man who was just standing there. I was hesitant, but I did finally ask him about the fruit. He appeared to be very nice and he had a pleasant quality about himself. One thing I did notice was how clean and white his fingernails were. He told us the name of the fruit and told me that I needed to try some. We thanked him and we bought a few.

As we walked away, my sisters told me that this man watched me walk away. They found that strange because he only looked at me while we talked to him and he only watched me as we walk away. I brushed it off and thought no more about it.

I went back to the store on the following Sunday, after church services, to pick up a couple of items we had forgotten. I was in the check-out line and this same man just showed up behind me. He said, "Miss, Miss did you eat any of that fruit you bought yesterday?" I was a little surprised because I was not expecting to see him and I had really forgotten all about him. As he spoke to me, he kept looking towards the back of the store as if he was not supposed to be talking to me, but was sneaking and doing it. I smiled and told him that I had not eaten any, but had given the fruit to my sister. He told me told try some and that it was really good. I smiled and told him I would. He left and we have not seen this man back in the store to this day.

I wondered who he was and the Holy Spirit told me his name was Rafael. I kind of shrugged it off because I did not know of any Angel's names aside from Michael and Gabriel. During my prayer one day after this, the Holy Spirit revealed that Rafael was my guardian angel. Yesterday I found this site and submitted an inspirational message I had received and as I read some of the entries from the pages, I saw where someone had mentioned the Archangel Rafael. I was shocked and I remembered my encounter in the grocery store.

Is this a coincidence?