Deceased Parents / Guardian Angels?

ALJ Gabby

To whomever may be interested in my story, I thank you for your courtesy and time in reading it. It has made me feel "more at peace" with the concept of death and the "afterlife" we all wonder about.

In September, 1997, I had a double mastectomy which was followed by chemotherapy and radiation. During my systemic treatment, I was experiencing a difficult time with my oldest daughter and my husband. To make a long story short, I decided to forego my 42 cytoxen, (an oral chemotherapy which went along with the two (2) drugs I had to take intravenously), pills every month.

I just did not have the emotional nor physical strength to deal with both the full treatment and the problems with my daughter and husband. (I also have another daughter, 7.5 yrs and a son, 5.5 yrs). One night I was dreaming, and I know that I was definitely dreaming. It was not a vision while awake. Well, in this dream, I could hear my father calling me but I did not know how to get to him. The next thing I knew, I was "crossing through" some object. I refer to it as an object simply because I do not know what it was!)

He was sitting, on what I do not know, and appeared to me as he did in life. I walked around him and hugged him and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Oh, he looked so healthy and he had such an aura of calmness about him. He looked at me and said, "We were calling you. You did not hear us. We were worried about you". At that moment, I looked up and saw this wonderful, vertically shimmery wonderous light, full of energy. There wasn't any "human" likeness to it at all; however, without speaking, I knew that it was my mother.

This light, and I don't know how I knew this, was happy, at peace and was smiling at me. (Again, keep in mind that there wasn't any human likeness at all, so it still mysterfies me that I knew all this). The next thing I knew, I was awake.

I have always thought that spirits can come to us anytime of the day; however, when we are asleep, we are more susceptible to any force, but only if we believe. Well, I truly believe that my mom and dad came to me to show me a number of things that I had always wondered about, such as:
1.) That they are together and happy;
2.) That there is someplace spiritual we go to after we leave this world;
3.) That spirits communicate with us both in "human" form, (which we understand much better than spiritual form), and in spiritual form;
4.) That there is no time lost between death and the "other side". We "cross over" or we "cross through" at the point of our death and that there is no suffering in the process; and
5.) That we should not fear the natural process of leaving our human form.

I know that to some, this experience may sound a little off the wall; however, I know in my heart that my parents and I did communicate on two (2) different levels and that when my time comes, I know that they will help me in my "cross over".