An Angel to Me

It was almost eight years ago. I was pregnant with my daughter. Her father did not want kids so he left me. I fell on some very hard times.

I had no money for food I lost my apartment and my job because there was lifting involved and I could no longer do it.

I felt so alone I did not know what to do.

After loosing my apt. my girlfriend went street by street trying to find an apt. for rent sign. She finally found one told the landlords my story and explained that I was a good person who fell on hard times. They let me move in without any job, to me they were angels.

But that is not where the story ends.

One night things were very bad. I was very scared because I was near the end of my pregnancy about 8 and a half months. I remember going to sleep very upset wondering why the father of my baby didn't want anything to do with his child.

That night about two in the morning I woke up to a woman in a flowing white gown saying to me it will be ok, you’ll make it, and the baby will be healthy. I woke up the next morning still penniless but with a feeling of peace and feeling very confident we would be fine.

The next day I spoke to the father of my baby and told him of my dream and described the ANGEL and he turned white as a ghost and said he thought it was his mother who had passed away years earlier. He went home and got a picture of her and I am convinced it was her.

To me she is an ANGEL