White Mist

I don't know if this was real or not, since I dreamt it, but I thought I would tell my story. Back when my son was just a month old, I had a dream that I was standing in a field of bright, beautiful flowers. Normally, I either dream in black and white, or I don't remember the colors.

This time, I remember vivid purple, green and blues. On the other side of the dream, a white mist in the shape of a man appeared. He was the most brilliant white I had ever seen. I tried to find that shade of white for my wedding dress but never could. It was a white mist also and at the other end of the dream I was looking at myself and the dream as though I was a spectator.

Anyway, I, the white mist, started moving toward the center of the dream. As I did, the other mist started coming closer. I stopped; he stopped. When I moved forward, so did the other mist. Finally we were standing face to face, inches apart. The white mist then entered into my misty body, and we merged to become one. When we did, both our spirits (the white mist) started elongating, and spinning around like a funnel cloud. I woke up remembering the dream, and having a vivid feeling that God was going to take me to a whole new level and awaken me spiritually.

Six months after that, I became a Christian, and became filled with the Holy Ghost. My eyes were opened and I received a revelation of who God is. As of to date, I have not spoke with anyone with the gift of dream interpretation. JESUS is GOD