Sorting Souls

By Randy Nolan

The time was at late night, I know I was called I don't know in what way. The Angel lifted my soul to a beautiful place from my bed at home to experience the most awesome sights imaginable. All was glaring silver and white, and legions of Angels were busy sorting souls.

I was told that the basic truths of good and bad are real.

A pure belief and faith in GOD are required to enter the PATH. Not just those labeled Christian would enter Heaven, but many, many who accept the Basic teachings that GOD is Real and the commandments are basically real.

Most of the teachings of fundamental Christianity are good but man in (usual) ignorance abuses and misuses it. There are good teachings in some other Religions as well, there are many who believe in GOD.

The basic experience I learned as shaking as it has been is defiance of GOD and good, separates the souls at an appointed time. Angels are broken into Legions, and groups with leaders to fulfill the commands of GOD.

I saw souls separated not by walls but space that could not be entered that was condemned not to be a part of heavenly eternity. I have been and will continue to be a fundamentalist Christian. But my view of what is fundamentally real has changed.

This old man (54) is much more at peace with life, and whatever GOD wants me to do I will do the best I know how with HIM working through me.