My Feathers

In January of 2005 I had a horrible dream that I was getting hijacked at a petrol station with my son in the car with me, to this day I still remember the dream, as if it was yesterday that I dreamt it. We were coming out of the quick service shop based at the petrol station and in my dream I saw 3 men driving off with my car and I'm calmly and nonchalantly saying to my 5 year old son at the time: "Hi, they are driving off with mommy's car," the scary thing was that I was not bothered by the men driving off with my car.

The first week of February 2005 a voice in my head (the gut feeling or otherwise known as the six sense) told me to get everything that was in my car out. I ignored it, but I kept getting an eerie feeling that something bad was going to happen.

Bearing in mind I was carting my washing back and forth from my place to my mom's place and back because my washing machine was broken.

I had three quarters of my washing and my blankets in the boot of the car.

On Monday the 15th of February 2005 I was hijacked at work at 13:15 pm. No one was in the car with me but my boss a woman just like myself stopped them from taking me with because she came running out when I screamed. That scared them off. And the car were it normally takes about 5 to 10 minutes to get started, started the 1st time when they cranked the key in the ignition. And they sped off.

For the all the months of February, March and April I got feathers all around my car. It does sound silly but I have my new car locked up in a garage with a sliding wooden door.

The only explanation I can think of is angel Michael protecting me in the car.

Ever since then I have been talking to angels and I have received my gift of clairvoyance, just like I asked God when I was 12 or 13.

Leoné Buchanan