Huge Angel

This is an experience of my father's told to me by him before he was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer..

The day was 9-13-02 at 2:35 in the afternoon. I was in the hospital for my biopsy surgery. When I feel asleep, suddenly I saw myself outside the hospital bed. I was looking at the clouds then suddenly heard a noise, kind of loud, I looked to my left, a huge angel came down. It was a huge angel. Both wings could cover a block. The hair, clothes, wings, very white looking down at me.

At that time I wondered what was this angel doing here? He looked at me as if he wanted to tell me something, but didn't speak. As I looked at him I felt comfort and at peace. Very beautiful...

I kept looking at him and he looked down at me. Suddenly I heard another noise.. It was a loud sound. I got scared. When I turned to my left the loud noise was the sound of flapping wings, another beautiful angel..

As I saw him come down and he stood next to the other angel, with his wings still apart, I could only see the left side of the wing because the other wing was around the first angel. They both looked the same, both stood looking at me. A very beautiful moment. I thought they either wanted to tell me something or take off. Thats what I felt. In my mind this was a message, I was looking at both of them so peaceful... Who are they? Could it be St. Michael, St.Gabriel? I woke up.

My nephew was next to my bed playing his gameboy. I was no longer outside. I was back in the hospital looking at the ceiling. I was dissapointed.. Was it the noise from the game or was I suppose to wake up?

Today is 10-1-02 and I still wonder why and who sent them to me? This is my dads story. He passed away 11-23-02 at 1:10 am with his children by his side..

He will be missed very much!!! My sister wrote this all down on paper when he told it and made copies for the family..I thought I would share this experience with everyone...

Steve Gonzales