The Warning

It was 23 years ago when I and a friend were on our way to attend a Girl Guides meeting. My friend was a bit of a tom foolery type and I was the good-girls-don't-do-naughty-things type. But, this night, I felt extremely carefree and happy around my friend who made me laugh ashamedly as we committed terrible petty crimes such as going thru robes for cash that were inside pockets that belonged to parishioners.

These robes/coats were hanging up on hooks outside in the church foyer. We also broke off a bit of paling off a picket fence and stuck it in a hedge of some person's home and let air out of the tires of the car belonging to the senior leader of the girl guides group.

That night when I went to sleep, I heard church bells ringing and woke up. My bedroom blind were open and l found myself in a state of deep trance. Next minute, I was walking on the church grounds in the dark with only a street light on me. I felt a presence behind me and was frozen in terror but made a straining effort to turn my heavy head around to face tis presence. I turned with horror to face a faceless person in a long black robe similar to the robe I stole money from. This faceless person held an axe that was coming down to strike me.

I woke in a sweat and tried to scream but noting came out, my voice was taken from me. I tried getting out of bed, my legs felt heavy and bound to the bed. I was frozen and no-one could hear me and yet the church bells were ear piercing.

I closed my eyes tight and drifted to sleep somehow. The following morning, I told my parents about my dream. They replied by saying to me that I must have been warned or punished for something I have done wrong and must pray for forgiveness. My parents are christians and I respected their wishes that day. I believe without a doubt that their is a strong presence of spiritual life that can help us if we let it.