Wide Awake

My name is Kim and here is my encounter with my guardian angel!

It all happened so many years ago! My grandmother was ill and in the hospital, and in a short time died. The night that she passed away I had the weirdest feeling telling me to get up out of bed and go into the bathroom next to my room.

I did and after a quick drink of water, I turned around and saw my Grandmother's image standing before me. My parents bedroom door was closed and it was just light enough that I could make out my own image in their full length mirror that was upon the closed door but standing directly in front of the door and mirror was my grandmother!

At first I thought, surely I must sleep walking and dreaming. But I was wide awake, and even more wider awake now after seeing her! I explained what I saw to my Mother the next morning. And all she could tell me was that Grandma must have wanted to say a special goodbye to me and let me know that she will watch out for me.

I went back to bed that night with a warm fuzzy feeling and that particular feeling returns every time I tell this beloved story to anyone!

Thank you for allowing me to share this special part of my life with you.

Kim P.