Blink of an Eye

My name is Heather, and an Angel saved my life, before I even had much of a life. I was in my mother's womb as an unborn child when this happened. I don't know how pregnate she was, but that doesnŐt matter. My pregnate mother was walking down stairs where there was a chair at the bottom of the landing. When she was about halfway down she slipped, falling. She was very heavy, and I would of hit the chair. The impact would of killed me instantly. But as she fell she blinked, and she was back at the top of the stairs again.

I believe my guardian angel saved my life, and there is a purpose why I am living. I believe there is a purpose for my life, and It was important that I lived. It makes me realize how precious every second of life is, whether it's in pain or not.

I'm very grateful for the life I have, and I'm hoping I can meet my Angel, meet God, and thank them for saving my life.