Angel in the Classroom

I have never actually seen angels, but some of my family members have. This year, however, I did have a dream that was very unusual.

I attended school in a small town. One of the girls there had attended kindergarten through grade school and high school with me; her name was Katie. Right before our senior year, Katie died due to complications from a car accident that had occurred earlier. No one knew that these complications were so serious, since the car accident was some time ago. Needless to say, it was very difficult for all of us and for years I have been bothered by it.

Recently I was dreaming I was in a classroom and sitting in a desk, like I did in elementary school. As I often do in dreams, I was performing some kind of magic, such as floating books. I don't remember what I was doing exactly. But all of the sudden another magical thing happened (again, I don't remember what it was) and I was utterly astonished. I knew I had not done it and no one ever does anything of the sort in my dreams except for me. I turned around, and there was Katie, sitting in the back of the classroom and waving at me. There were other people with her and in my dream I recognized some of them, but when I awoke I clearly remembered seeing Katie. I am absolutely certain that Katie wanted to say hello to me and she knew just what to do in order to make me realize this was not an ordinary dream.

People who have left this earth are not really far from us. They are happy and active and can communicate with us through various means. I am glad Katie said hello to me because now I know she is still thinking of me as I think of her. I know she is doing well and that I will get to see her again.