I'll Be There

A year or so ago, my aunt was in a coma. She had been battling breast cancer for 6 years. It was the morning of Christmas Eve and she had just died when I had begged her to come back. All of a sudden I felt a rush of warmth and love spread throughout my body and a hands gentle pressure on my shoulder. I had heard in my thoughts, " I will always be with you." Then through the open window was a light breeze. I know she had said good bye and went on to heaven.

Just a few months later my aunt from "Angel Encounter" visited me in my dreams. I was remembering her death. The day was being replayed exactly, but the end of it changed. We were all mourning and then she suddenly woke up. She was lifted by this light that blinded us. When she came down she looked as pretty as she was before all that chemo therapy. Everything was so full of happiness and warmth.

Then everything faded into a white scene with only me and my aunt. She said,"Sweetheart, I am here to tell you that I miss you and I am watching you and the family all the time. When ever you need help pray to me and I will be there every step of the way. I must go now. I love you." And I was left there with a small smile and tearing slowly. "I love you, too, Tia."