White Lady

My name is Sara. Well to start off I'm not what you call a good girl so obviously I get into trouble.

I think it was 2 years ago I was at a 5th grade graduation party. So my mother calls me on the cell phone and told me to go home I scream at her no cause I was really enjoying my time so when I get home my dad pulls me into the room and starts beating the crap out me. So I feel like crap and I go to sleep It is about 1:00 am and I'[m really cold because the window was open and the white curtains were blowing and I had no blanket and when I open my eyes a little there is like a white figure and it is covering me with my blanket. It looked like a lady and she had long hair and she was wearing a long white dress with something white on her head and I felt comfortable so I fell asleep again. I WAS NOT DREAMING!! I saw it clearly.

So then in the morning I asked my mom if she did it and she said no. I knew it wasn't her because my mom is sort of chubby and she has blondish short hair. But I don't know if it was an angel or my dad's dead mother, which makes her my dead grandmother.