Life Saving Hug

I was at a difficult place in my life. I was divorced with three kids and battling financially

and felt like the world was closing up on me and all I wanted to do was GIVE UP. I was constantly walking around with a heavy laden heart. I faithfully every night popped sleeping tablets at about 6-7pm just to shut myself out from the world and with one garauntee, and that was that I would always have a peaceful sleep.... I never had dreams......until one night.......

I dreamt I was sitting on a beach at night with quite a few friends. I looked up at the sky and noticed a strange light next to the moon. I then took a pair of binoculars and as I managed to focus on the strange light it suddenly dropped from the sky. As it hit the ocean in the distance it caused huge tidal waves and we were all so terrified. Then suddenly the sea calmed and the light slowly began moving towards the shore as I watched with fear. I cannot begin to describe what I felt thereafter. It was the most luminous light you could ever imagine. And as that light emerged I saw that it was JESUS. There was no face but I knew it was HIM.

He walked over to one of the people in our group and put his arms around her. He then turned and smiling HE slowly walked over to me and no words could describe what I felt as he put his arms around me.....the light so bright.....the love I felt as he held me oh so tightly. And as Jesus was holding me I awoke and there I was laying in my bed with the widest grin you have ever seen and the tears streaming down my face. The heaviness in my heart had by some miracle vanished. I have not since indulged in sleeping tablets and have had no reason to either , as I have been released from that dark place ......because JESUS visited me.