My Dream Became Reality!

After losing my mother, father and going through a bad divorce at a young age, I was very depressed. I didn't have any family except a sister and we were not close. I felt terribly alone in the world and as most depressed people feel, I felt as though I had no reason to live.

One night after crying most of the night and missing my parents, I took several tranquilizers so I could escape into a deep sleep. It was as though I was dreaming, I found myself in a spare bedroom of the trailer I lived in, which was used as a storage room. There was barely enough room to turn around in there, yet here I was in there in the dark. I was drunk from the pills and crying with loneliness.

Somehow I had gotten a bottle of Nyquil cold medicine out of the cabinet and decided to drink it to finish myself off. I had spilled it all over me, soaking my gown. All I could do was cry and ask God to help me.

In my drugged stupor, in the dark I could not find my way out of the room in the dark. Turning in circles and stumbling around the tiny space I was so scared and alone. Begging God to help me, I could feel the presence of my mother there with me. I could feel arms around me leading me out the door and into the bathroom where they continued to wash me. The next thing I knew it was morning and someone was knocking at the door waking me up. It was a friend who knew I was upset the night before and was checking to see if I was ok. After they left, I started thinking about my "dream" I had the night before. It seemed so real, but I knew I had dreamed it , because I was clean with a fresh gown on, not one soaked with Nyquil with sticky arms and legs where it had spilled down the front of me. As I went into the bathroom to get dressed, I noticed something in my clothes basket that caught my eye. It was the gown that I had been wearing the night before, only it was soaked and sticky with the strong scent of Nyquil. There was also a wash cloth and towel with some on it.

My "dream" was now reality! How did I clean myself when I couldn't even walk or knew what I was doing? I do believe God heard my prayers and sent an angel to my aid in my time of need. I had cried out to Him and he answered. Who else would have cleaned me up and put me to bed with fresh clothes on? Then pick up my dirty clothes and put them in the dirty clothes basket.

I will always remember this and believe there was someone there with me when I felt the arms around me in the dark.

Whether it was somehow my mother or an angel from God, I know it was real !!