Another Chance

Hello :) I decided to share my story. It is kind of long and I appologize for that.

I had this dream last week. But I need to back up to about a month ago and throw in some background to this.

A month ago, me and my soon to be husband, weren't getting along too well. Even though we are living with each other, we started looking else where.

I went on a trip to Arizona, which was just awful. All the way home I thought to myself, "I just want to get home and be with him." Then I silently said a prayer to God saying, "Please give me another chance with him." And when I got home, (I was also very ill when I got home) my soon to be husband, was right there. And even though we had been through so much together, he did everything he could to help me out. So that started us back on the track of getting back together.

The sickness had left it's toll on me even though I had seemed to be better. Then I started finding out about stuff that my fiance had going on while I was gone. This was the beginning of a month full of emotional blows. I was hurting so bad that at times I would feel like as if I was going to go mad with grief.

Like I would be out down town and driving home from the store or something, and I would end up having to pull off to the side of the road cause I was crying and couldn't see where I was going.

I love my finace very much. But finding this out had hurt me. I am not too sure why. I mean I really can't point any fingers.

Anyway, I started to feel like I was very alone. And I would remember all those times earlier in my life when I had been abused. It all slowly took it's toll on me.

Untill one night last week. I had this dream. In the beginning of it, it was about this family who had serious problems with money. But yet there was this angel there with them that was helping them out. I remember thinking, that is so wonderful. And just feeling this great love all over.

Then at the end of the dream I was on top of a building. And the sun was setting and when I looked towards the sun, and angel appeared before me. He had a light about him that was just beautiful. And he looked at me and smiled. And then he said to me, "I told you I would always be there for you." And something inside of me remembered being told this. There was this warmth and uncondtional and strong love comming from him. But before I was able to ask him anything else, I was woken up.

After having that dream, I realized, I have never been totally alone. My angel has been there. And after that I have felt his uncondtional love for me.

But it doesn't end just yet.

Then that night, I was out driving around and listening to the radio. I started to become sad again.

Just after the sad sick feeling came into my stomach, a song came on the radio. This song came on that I haven't heard before and I was going to change it when i heard the chorus line. The chorus line was "Everything is gonna be alright.."

I felt like someone wanted me to hear that. It touched my heart and it reminded me of my dream and again I could feel the love from my angel. When I got home, the sad feeling came back. I went up to my room and I cried out to God to help me. No sooner had I finished my prayer when someone said to me, "Jennifer, go down stairs and go back to bed." And without questioning it, I went back down stairs. When i got into bed, my fiance woke up and asked me if everything was alright. The began us having a huge talk. We discussed everything and he asked me to give him a second chance.

We are both more happier than ever. And I have my Heavenly Father, Christ and my Guardian Angel for that.

Jennifer Knight