Quick as a Flash

I have always been connected to the spirit world. Even as a child I remember hearing my name called when there was no-one else in the house.

I have been seeing auras for a while now - colours and orbs around people. This developed recently into me seeing colours in the ether, when lying in bed at night. They would usually be green or purple, and they had a little bright nucleus in the centre which would twinkle and move about.

The other night, I was sitting on my bed, not thinking about anything particularly spiritual, when a gold twinkle caught my eye.

As I looked the twinkle began to spin towards me and then changed into a smoky white substance. This swirled around and began to form the shape of an Angel.

I will call the Angel "he" but to be honest, I don't know what sex he was. He was not like a real person - more like a transparent ghost-like being. He stood about 4 feet tall an was wearing a long white robe. As I watched, his wings flexed outwards, and then withdrew to settle on his back.

I couldn't see his face very well, but I could see he was smiling. He made a gesture with his arm - the kind of gesture you would make if you were holding a door open for someone, and indicating that they should go ahead of you.

Then, quick as a flash, he was gone.

I am not sure what the gesture meant, but this has affected me deeply. I now for certain now that Angels exist, and that they do come to our aid if we ask. I had been having money problems, and was very worried what with Christmas coming. The next day, I had a large tax rebate which has helped me enormously.

Thank you my Angel - I asked and you helped me.

Sue Treanor Birmingham UK.