Healing Heart Angel

In 1995 my beloved gran-gran died suddenly. It was a heart attack with no warning! She went very quickly. My heart & soul just fell apart. I just could not accept her leaving. I had this heaviness on my heart I just could not shake!! A day did not go by that I did not long to see her.

One night about six months after her passing I had an angel come to me in a dream. I was there in this stadium type setting. My grandmother was there too in my dream. On what I guess was the field was a large square pool. The next thing I saw was a big beautiful angel who broke through the water! The angel stated that all weary shall rise up and enter unto the kingdom of heaven! My grandmother smiled and seemed to just disappear.

When I awoke the next morning I never had ever felt so good the burden was lifted. Now I knew then I just had to let her go and let her go home to be with god! She will live in my heart for ever! I would not wish her back for anything. I know she is in a place of rest...a beautiful place!!!!!!!!