Safety in Disguise

I'm 15 years ond, and live in Iowa, in late January, my mother needed to have a historectomy, because of a cyst on her ovary, and was going to have it done in our town hospital, since she works there. On the day that she was supposed to have her surgery, the doctor told her that he wasn't going to do her operation that day. So my mother had to go to a near by town where she would get it done about three days later. My mother was supposed to have an operation called lapriscopicly, but then the surgeon changed his mind, because of the large mass. About a week after her sugery she had to go back to get a check up with the doctor and the surgeon who performed her operation. While at her check-up, she found that the cyst had a tumor inside, and inside the tumor she had cancer. My grandmother and I insist that god had performed a mircile, because, if he took it laprascopicly, it (the cyst) would have broken, and my mother could have gotten cancer and died. Since that discussion with my grandmother, I have furthered my research into Angels, and have deepend my faith in god.

Vaughica, In Iowa