The Apparition

My mother grew up in Brazil. She and her 2 brothers and 5 sisters lived on a small farm in Recife. One summer afternoon, my mom, along with a brother, sister and family dog, was visiting her uncle who lived a few miles away.

When it came time to leave, her uncle noticed that the sky had gotten dark, and told the three children to walk the LONG way home and not go near the railroad tracks. They had many snakes that hid along the bushes near the tracks and mom's uncle wanted the children to be safe.

Kids are kids everywhere in the world, so the three and their dog started home and decided to take the short way near the tracks. Before they reached them, they all saw a small light near the tracks about the size of a small candle flame. As they approached it, it sprang up in height - becoming as tall as a telephone pole. The scared children were frozen in their tracks and the dog began to bark at the apparition.

My mother remembers the light being very bright - but seeing no features... such as a face - the light was shaped like a column, but she could make out two hands folded together as if in prayer... that was the only feature they could recognize.

The frightened children and their dog raced back to their uncle's house and told him what they saw. He didn't know what they were talking about and decided to get his gun and walk the children home. When they arrived home and told their mother what had happened, she remained calm and told them they had seen an angel, who was warning them not to cross the tracks.