The Apparition

Am not certain what the experience could be classified as, however, I will never forget it.

Over twenty years ago, I had had a non-malignant tumor removed from the center of my brain. I had no seizures or strokes, however, I did suffer immediate recall problems which left me unable to teach again. Even so, one early morning, I woke up and was going to climb out of bed, when I saw myself between the wall and our bed. Now, I am about 5'6" tall and the space between the bed and the wall is at best, only two feet, nevertheless, I saw my whole body floating, as it were, beside me. I was so stunned, I turned to my husband who was asleep next to me, however, I could not move.

I knew that something was not right and it did not make sense that I could be outside my bed when I was still lying in it. So, I prayed and said,"Lord, I don't know what this is about, but I am not ready to die yet. Please let me stay with my family." The appartition or whatever lasted about two more minutes and was gone. I immediately woke my husband and shot our of bed but collapsed on the floor. It took some time for me to get up and walk.

I did not suffer any stroke-like happenings, however, I lost a small portion of my eyesight. When the doctors later examined the ctscan, they believed it was a microscopic piece of scar tissue that broke away in the brain. The "apparition" or whatever was not explained and to this day I do not know what it was.

I do have a strong faith in God and we have had some very difficult happenings to challenge our faith but we have continued to believe that each event in life has purpose even when we do not see the whole picture.

God bless