Finding Their Way

I live in Middletown, New York and I was born and raised in the Bronx. I have lots of relatives and friends in the Bronx and prior to the 9/ll attack there was a segment on the news showing the most dangerous man to Americans. It was Osama Bin Laden. At that time I had stated to my husband, "how could the government allow this man to be in existence terrorizing Afghanistan and Pakistan the way he does and not have the CIA doing something about him. This man is not only dangerous to them but also to us here in America. This guy's crazy enough to plot terrorism here on our shores." Well at that moment my husband says, "You watch too many espionage movies.

Our government wouldn't let that happen. Well, two days before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the World Trade Center (WTC) I had a dream that I was looking out my front bay window and there were ghosts (many men, women, & children) walking on my lawn. I was extremely upset because they were trampling my lawn and I couldn't understand why they were there. As I turned around to go to my husband and complain, I was approached by a white light so bright and unable to make out the face, but there was a face and it told me that the light would help them find their way. I was gasping for air because I became so scared. I couldn't run, I couldn't scream, all I could do was gasp. And suddenly, I was awakened by my husband. I told him about the dream and he commented, "watch too many scarry movies." Anyway, for the next two days, I had a terrible feeling something awful was going to happen and it did. I was sick thinking about it. My husband's 31 year old cousin, Claribelle Hernandez was killed. A lot of people in Middletown, N.Y. were also killed. And that evening, I realized what the Angel was trying to say. I was able to get home a placed a white light at the same window I was looking out of. And I felt that the light would help them find their way to the Sacred Heart of Jesus statute under the bay window in the front lawn. The light was lit until just recently when the discovered the last remains of those wonderful people who were snuffed from their family and friends.

Thank you for reading my story.
Rosie Sanchez