Rooms For Everyone

This may or may not be "real", but I believe that my grandmother sent a message to me after her death.

My grandmother passed away several years ago. We were very close when I was younger, as my brother and I stayed with her while my parents were at work.

She was always full of life and jokes, and we loved her dearly.

Towards the end of her life, she lost her vitality, and basically became comatose, and it was very hard for us to see her like that. She spent the last four days of her life in the hospital, and I was at her bedside when she died.

I became very depressed because I didn't really have the chance to tell her I loved her and how much she meant to me. Strangely enough, I never had dreams about her, even though when I am very stressed about something, I dream about it constantly.

Several months later, I finally had a dream about my grandmother. She looked just like she did when I was a child. She sat down with me on her couch and told me that she was very happy, and that she had a beautiful house with rooms for everyone in our family, and that she was getting them ready for us.

She said not to worry, that I would see her again someday.

Then she patted my hand to comfort me like she did when I was a child, and she said it was time for her to go. I woke up feeling very comforted, knowing she was in a wonderful place, and that I would see her again someday.

I feel very safe knowing that she is watching over me.

Ann Pratt