Red Dress

I'm Anna. I'm 12 years old. This story happened to me when I was in the third grade. Well here it goes!

My mom and I were shopping at the Mall one time. We were looking at at dresses. My mom moved a cart that was in our way, and she didn't't realize that a lady's purse was in there. When my mom realized it she told the lady (who by the way, was probably in her 70's) that she was sorry for moving her cart. My mom and the lady were talking and looking at dresses together. My mom pulled out this beautiful red dress (that was over $100.) My mom showed the lady and the lady said,"I have to tell you something." I forget what the lady told us, but I know that it was something about money. My mom put the dress back, and started looking again. Then after a few seconds my mom saw another dress that she wanted to show the lady. When my mom turned around the lady was gone, but her cart was still there Oh, yeah did I mention that she was a beautiful older lady. Like an angel.