Angelic Help

My name is Robert and in 1997 I witnessed the most traumatic event in my life. I was with my friends on a greek Island one night and we were about to go to the night club, there was large groups of Greek guys standing around, some shouting laughing etc. on the street.

We were talking to people outside the bar, when all of a sudden there was a scuffle, now i have seen many fights in bars etc so it was no immediate shock to me, but as if in in slow motion from a movie, i saw a guy pull a knife and lunge it into the heart or lung of a guy, the guy fell into a sitting position and sterted shaking violently as some of the guys ran after the culprit, and other scrambled to their mobile phones ringing the ambulance.

The guy fell backwards onto his friends legs and stopped moving. To this day I dont know whether he died or lived as the ambulance drove him off.

There was lots of witnesses so I didn't add anything new. I could not go out clubing and kept replaying the image in my mind, I felt physically ill and then I went home because I started to get really scared. I never seen evil like this up close and i started to shake. I went into the hotel on my own and went to my bed, constantly watrching the door as if someone or something was waiting for me, laughing at my fear. I prayed for someone good up in heaven to help me sleep and have peaceful dreams. Within a few minutes i was asleep and had the most wonderful dream ever.

I was back at my house in Ireland and i walked into the sitting room which has a big piano. On the seat next to the piano was a woman dressed in white with short black hair. She was in her late 30/s early 40/s and I instantly knew in the dream who and what she was.

I stupidly asked how thing were up there trying to be polite. She laughed and told me to stop worrying, i was always worrying, she said everything was going to be all right, as she spoke to me I have never to this day felt sheer bliss, joy and peace quite to equal the feeling i had when i spoke to her. She said to me before I woke, that she wants me to do something for herself and God, but I woke up and still dont know what it is. I think when the time is right they will tell me what they want me to do. I have had many dreams but this was different, I cant explain it, I really had asked God to give me peace that night after what I saw and i believe he sent my guardian angel to help me out.