Divine Escorts

I was reading your website about angels and I would like to tell you something that happen to me in or around 1971. My best friend and I decided we would go to a carnival which was located in St. Louis, Missouri.

The location was in the northern part of the city and one for the worst areas in the city. We didn't realize it at the time. When we got there, all we saw were drunks, and black guys. Not being prejudice, that part didn't bother us one bit.

It started raining while we were there and we took shelter under a snack trailer. While standing there, two St Louis police officers walked up to us and started talking. They ask if we would like company for the evening. The entire evening, the officers stayed with us, walking to each ride, side show, etc.

My friend wanted to walk thru the horror house and I wouldn't go with her, the officer went in before her and ran out a bunch of teens that were hanging out in there. To make a long story short, these two officers stayed with us the entire evening, even walking us to our car and making sure our car started and everything was ok.

My parents had been out of town for the weekend, and when my father found out where we went, he about had a heart attack because of the location. He said that the most dangerous part of the city. I never thought about this until a few years ago, and I truly believe these were angels that God sent to protect us. My friend and I can neither remember what these officers looked like.

I thought you might like to hear my little story. Thank you.

Rhonda Null