I Was Released

I had been divorced for almost ten years, raising my daughter and teaching locally. Dating was not a part of my life, but someone entered in just the same, and I wasn't sure I could love again. Finding a soulmate, I knew this had to be the one, but it didn't turn out that way. After a sour marriage, and losing a love for someone else, I wept, asking, "Isn't my love good enough for anyone?"

I prayed for an angel and one landed- swiftly in a breeze that whisped across my face- as if to awaken me from my foolish dispair. He stayed on my shoulder for a week, and then I had a dream that healed it all.

A priestlike figure entered my mind. In the background was a small white country church with a lush green carpet of grass all around. The priest seemed to grab something from me and rushed away with it, but I managed to cry out,"Wait! What did you take from me? Where are you going?" The spirit answered, "This is your love." and he threw up his arms and released sparkles and shiny dust into the air. As it began to blow in the wind, I was terrified, but something beautiful happened.

The soil was tilled and received the dust. Instantaneously, hundreds of red tulips burst out of the soil, and waved in the wind as if they were sending a message. For a long time all I gained from that dream was an understanding that there was an ending to all things. It was enough.

Three years later, I met the right person, and I realized the dream meant more. The dust in the wind was the wrong relationship. The fertile soil was my heart's capability to love. The tulips were new growth, change, and new direction in my life. Thank you angel.