Piece of Ice

Almost ten years ago I woke up in the middle of the night when I saw the brightest image that I've ever seen in my life. It was at my feet, like it was knelling down and looking straight at me. Even though I couldn't see any details. The only thing I could see was the form of a large person made of light! Like a big shiny piece of ice!

I looked around to make sure that I was awake in my bedroom and I could see the dark room and all the things I had there. The image was still there. I tried to touch it! I straightened my arms right to it and when I almost touched it the image disappeared. It was so exiting and amazing. I felt so grateful for that! I told everybody about it. I know I've seen an angel. I don't know which one. If it was my own guardian angel or not. But it was an angel I've seen my sister's guardian angel when we used to sleep in the same bedroom when we were kids. I woke up and I saw that girl dressed in a long white dress with a beautiful face and with a wonderful and heavenly smile! So peaceful at the bottom of my sister's bed looking straight at her. She looked like she was around 15 years old and she had light hair past her shoulders.

I looked at my sister and she was sleeping deeply with that serenity on her face. I tried to wake her up and I couldn't. The image was still there! After a few minutes of trying to wake up her. I finally did and when I rubbed my eyes again and again, the image disappeared. I remember one night I felt a touch on my forehead 3 times very slowly! Like it was a blessing! I tried to touch it! Stretching my arms to reach out, but I didn't feel anything so I went back to sleep. I remember waking up like when I was a little girl with that happiness and peaceful feeling like I just came from heaven filled with love!

I believe in Angels.