A Higher Purpose

I had an angel experience....it was last year and I was feeling very low and depressed.

I was confused about my life and everything I was doing. I felt like I wanted to die. I was laying on my living room floor crying and said out loud "God please help me!" Moments later my body started to tingle and felt warm. Instead of pain I began to feel pleasure. I then saw a doorway at the end of a long dark tunnel open and it spilled out light. I saw a woman's figure and the unearthly image began to grow larger.

I began to feel frightened. I then heard a voice whisper "When you are afraid we go away." I said "Please don't go away"

I then began to feel swirling energy all around my body. It is difficult to describe the feeling. But I did feel as if I was floating. I felt complete and utter piece. The voice then said "You have a very important purpose you must fulfill and we are all counting on you.

You know what it is and you have to be strong. Trust in us." I don't remember how long the experience lasted it seemed like an eternity and seconds all at the same time. I know for sure I was touched by an angel. It has strengthened my faith in God.

The experience has given me strength to carry on for I know I have a higher purpose.