The Old Man

My name is Lynn Spiro and this is my story.

It was back in 1964 when I was just 3 years old. I had developed chicken pox and had the measles on top of that. I was running a fever of 106.2. I was totally unconscious. Back in those day doctors used to make house calls. When my mother started to call around for a doctor to come to the house, she had discovered that all doctors were out of town for a convention. There was none to be found.

My mother got down on her knees and prayed over me. She stated that she had ask the Lord for a miracle. About an hour later, there was a knock at the door, there stood before her a little old man, in a suit and a hat. In his hand he held a small bottle, it was brown in color with liquid in it. It totaled only 1 OZ of fluid.

The little man stated that if she would give what she had in her purse which he knew was $5.00 she could have this medicine. In 1964, $5,00 was a lot of money. Without thinking my mother ran to her purse and got the money and gave it to this man. She never bothered to ask if he had a name nor did she even think to ask if he were a doctor. All she knew was she had to get this fluid into my system. The man took the money and quickly disappeared. My mother gave me this fluid which was clear in color, and my fever broke within 20 minutes.

When my mother had asked around town, if anyone knew of this man, no one could identify this little man with no name or looks. She stated he was hard to describe due to the fact it was common in identity. To this day, The Lord is my Sheppard and Lord of my Life.

Lynn Spiro