God's Deliverer

When I was 26 years old I became pregnant with my 3rd child. I wanted desperately to have a daughter since I already had two sons. But as it turned out I had a third son. For the next two years I decided that I wasn't going to have anymore children since all three were delivered by c-section. I was so depressed that I thought God was punishing me.

I longed for a daughter more than anything in the world because I wanted to give her all the love and care I never got when I was a child. Three years passed and one night I had a strange dream. I dreamt that I was in a large park with all types of animals. The grass was very green and there were people walking all over the place. This park also had a huge river running through it. To me it looked like paradise. Then I saw a beautiful angel with very large wings descend from heaven caring a baby.

He landed next to me and said to the lady next to me, "Here, I give you this little girl since someone has decided to give up and not have anymore children," at that point he turned and looked at me. I was so excited that I looked at him and told him that I did want this little girl. When he handed her to me she had soft black hair with very fair skin. Her eyes were beautiful and her little fingers were very long. She was perfect. Then he looked at me and told me, "Now run and tell your husband the good news".

Two weeks after this dream I found out I was pregnant. I then told my husband about the dream and told him that it was a girl. He told me not to get to excited because he didn't want me to get depressed if it turned out to be a son. But I knew deep in my heart that God had answered my prayer. Nine months later when my daughter was born and my husband handed her to me I realized that it wasn't a dream. She looked exactly like the baby the angel had given to me. I just started crying and the first thing I said was, "Thank You God". Now my life is complete.

Thanks for reading my story................ Sofie