The Visit

I had lost touch with a very dear friend for at least 8 years. Moving across country and having children can distance us from the even good friends. She came to me in a dream and told me she had passed on, she was luminescent. She requested that I locate and make contact with her two grown children. Tha next day I remembered and was touched by "the visit", then got busy with my day and forgot.

That night she came to me again and with more urgency, requested that I please locate her children. She told me her daughter was fine but needed a mother figure in her life and that her son was in a dark place and needed a friend.

The next morning even before coffe, I went online and found her daughter.I had not spoken to her since she was a young girl, it was like a family reunion for us both! She confirmed that her mom, my freind, had passed on and that her brother was doing time in prison.

I find myself experiencing life differently now. I feel peace, having seen for myself the continium of life beyond this physical experience. Diane is around me and I become more aware of her ongoing presence in my life. She has shared with me a great gift...her beloved children.