Moving To A New Life

A Dream, by Sharon Machine

Me and my family relocated to the Hudson Valley in Upstate New York from the Bronx. I was scared. I had a good life in New York City. I had a good job and all the public transportation you can depend on.

The move was very rough. I heard of stories on television and in the newspapers about people who are relocating had hired these moving trucks and lost most of their processions. I was scared that I was going to loose my record and CD collections. But the mover that my mother had hired was excellent and I still have me record and CD collection in tact.

Just a week after I had moved, I had a dream that I was still at the old house in the Bronx. I walked down the hall to where the front door is opened and took a peek out and found two angels sitting outside on the porch next to the front door. One angel was an adult man and the other was a child angel sitting on his lap.

I had a brother who died when I was a baby and an uncle who died two years ago. I told this dream to some relatives and they told me that they were the guardians angels who were watching over you while the moving was taking place. I believed that it was my late brother and uncle who was actually watching over just to make sure that things are moving smoothly.

Sharon McAvinue