Someone Holding Me Tight

I am a single mother of two beautiful children, my daughter 13 and my son 10. I was 27 years old and married at the time my mother died, unexpectedly! My children''s ages 7 and 4, were very close to their grandmother and could not understand why she had died. My children and I have gone through some tough times but we manage to get through things with lots of prayer and faith.

I have been going through some difficult times within my personal life (especially the stress of a divorce). Sometime in the beginning of February of this year (2001), one night I was having trouble sleeping, (Me, being a worrier), I said some prayers and eventually fell asleep. I always pray to my parents and to Jesus that they watch over my children and help me through any difficult times. Well, this one night, I felt the arms of someone holding me tight.

I remember saying "Mom" and heard her say "Yes my daughter, everything will be O.K" As soon as she spoke, she was gone, then all I was dreaming were very scary things. I woke up and said several prayers again and finally fell asleep. I told the story to my aunts and grandmother. They suggested that what happened was only that my mother was there to give me a message.

That no matter what troubles may come my way, that She will be there to protect us (my children and I).With that I knew that we had a very special guardian angel with us! It was my mother. The Lord always protects us and his guardian angels are always with us. With everyone. I Thank the Lord everyday for what everything we have and for giving us another day to be with our family and friends.

God Bless everyone.
P Garza