Tap On My Shoulder

Last year my grandmother passed away and we were all VERY sad since she had lived with us and was very close. She was sick for a very long time with many problems, but this time the doctors said she could live up to 2 years. We were all very happy, after suspecting the worst.

So, that night we checked her into a nursing home, which was horrible - messy, dirty, unstable, and the nurses were unfriendly. The same day, we had my grandmother from Europe come to visit. They were both crying and so happy to see each other. My grandmother was doing so well, dancing in the bed.

That night my mom slept downstairs with her, and at 3 o'clock in the morning my grandmother burst out of bed and RAN to the bathroom, but could not even walk anymore on her own. My mom was so shocked, but followed her. My grandmother collapsed on the floor and her heart stopped beating. With my mom being a nurse, she did everything she could, but it was to late. My grandmother had always said "I will die at home or live to be 1,000". She was granted her wish and had waited for my other grandmother from Europe to arrive to make sure that we would be helped.

That next day I would not get out of bed, just crying my eyes out. Then I felt a soothing tap on my shoulder saying "it is ok, life goes on". Then I turned around and nobody was there.

I was a bit afraid but relieved.

Age 12