Just Ask God!

At 5 yrs old I began to talk to God.

Many times I would sit in the window and hold long conversations with him. By the time I was 21, I longed to become closer to him. I didn't understand the scripture but somehow I knew something was missing in my life. So my search began.

First I went to many churches. It didn't matter the denomination. All I wanted was to know God, after all, I fell in love with him at the age of 5.

Well I soon learned searching for God became very confusing. When it didn't have to be. Nevertheless I read many books, I asked people questions, I prayed. I tried everything except, I forgot to just ask God!

Well, after 3 years of looking for the right way and hearing all the wrong ways I finally prayed a simple prayer. I prayed "God please show me the right way to you." Then it happened. One night I fell asleep and I was a awakened by a brillant light. The light was beautiful and blinding. Honestly, at first I was very afraid. Then I heard a voice say, "Don't be afraid".

Immediately after the voice, a white face appeared. The face was made with pure white stone. The stone was perfectly cut in the shape of a man's head. Pure perfect and edged stone. His hair was wavy and to his shoulders. He looked like time it self. He had no pupils. Only light shined thru his eyes. Then the face spoke and said, "I AM THE Way, the truth and the light - no man comes to the father except thru me.

The voice sounded like thunder. It was amazeing to see and hear this. I am now 60 years old and I remember that face and voice as if was yesterday.

Shortly after the vision I began to read the Bible and I soon realized the man in the vision was Jesus. What's so beautiful is he came just to save a sinner like me.

Nadine S.