My Nana just passed away last Monday morning, April 23rd 2007. Lord I pray for the comfort of my family in their time of need. It is extremely difficult for them at this time because she is all they had. My grandpa died in a plane crash in 1972 and she was left to care for 7 children. She did a magnificent job. They all have good families and all of them graduated from college with good jobs. We all loved her so much Lord, I understand she was tired and her precious little heart just couldn't take it anymore.

I do thank-you for the privilege of having her as long as we did and I also thank-you for releasing her from the her pain. You have a reason for everything Lord, we don't always understand how you could take someone so wonderful and leave us with so much pain. I can't stop the tears for some reason and it feels so empty inside. I don't think this void will ever leave but I hope someday it heal. Thank-you Lord, once again, for our precious little Nana and may God bless my family and keep them close during this time. Keep my little Nana safe at your side and enjoy her tortillas because I know we will miss them so very much.

Please give this note to her.

Let her know how dear she is to me and let her know when she left, she left a hole in a place I never knew I had. But let her know it will heal and I will be okay and that, in time, when my pain heals, I will put her to live forever in that empty place she left.

REST IN PEACE 4/23/2007