Large Beam

This dream I am about to share happened about ten years ago. I fell asleep on the couch that night and my dream started with me standing in a long line of people heading to an area where an old man sat (I remember being agitated and wondering what I was doing in this line and what could possibly be going on ahead) finally it was my turn to step in before this old man. I remember seeing everyone kneeling down before him so I also knelt. He did not say anything to me but he placed this thick blue thing around my neck and pointed to this large beam. I went reluctantly to the beam which reached amazingly up to the clouds.

(I remember saying to myself-what in the world am I doing) I preceded to kneel down before this beam with this heavy blue thing around my neck feeling really stupid. Suddenly the beam appeared to move, I peered up and noticed that there were two feet in front of me like unto brass ( I said to myself this beam reached to the clouds-this cannot be feet) I followed this thing up from its feet to the clouds when I saw this very large face coming down from the clouds (this face had no distinguishable color and its hair were liken to einsteins) I dropped my head down to the ground again and when I peered upward again there bowing to me was a normal size man.

Amazingly I now knew what to do with the blue thing around my neck. I wrapped it around his head like a turban and he put his hand on my shoulder (and OH MY GOD!! I had or have never felt anything like that go through my body before or had not since then) it felt like electricity going thru me and even though I was dreaming I could feel me body glowing in the physical realm. He jestured for me with his hand to follow him and I arose and followed in awesome wonder this man who enlightened everyone we came in contact with as we walked over to where the old man was sitting. He walked over and sat down on the right hand of the old man and I awoke from my dream and to my surprise I was still alluminated.

I ran to the bathroom saying I saw his face, I saw his face but I don't know who he look like(meaning his race). I kept putting cold water on my face but the feeling or illumination would not leave me until I thought this thought, "He only touched ME" as soon as I thought that the feeling left. I have had many other dreams of ministering and healing others with GOD using my hands but have never felt that feeling of that unforgettable night.

Michael Walker