Here's my story. I woke up one morning, some time ago. I remember feeling completely normal one minute. The next I felt like I was in an oven. I was just lying on my bed when I felt it shake. "Come with me," said a cold, hard voice. "I'll show you the way." The voice was so cold, so hard, it scared me. At first, I didn't understand. But then the voice came again. "I am God. Believe me. I am the way." But I knew it wasn't His voice. I'd heard it before, and that wasn't it. "No!" I shouted. Then my bed shook again. "Yes!" said the cold voice. "You will follow me!" Again, I shouted no. That was when I truly knew it wasn't God talking to me. He never spoke threateningly like that. At least not to me. And every time I said no, my bed shook harder.

Then finally, I heard it. God's true voice. "She won't follow you," He said. She's a child of I, the real God. You will not harm her!" Then my bed stopped shaking. I closed my eyes and forced myself to relax. That was when I saw Him. I saw the Son. And He looked exactly how I always pictured Him. "I am here for you. You have no need to be afraid. As long as you have faith. My presence will remain in your life.

I know He exists. To this day, I still remember exactly what happened that morning.

I was tempted by the devil. But then I was saved by the one and only god. God the creator. My savior. I do have faith. And I believe. My name is Rachel B. And I am a follower of Christ.