This may seem kind of weird, but I happen to have a unique talent for getting people to tell me things in their sleep. Usually I try to have them describe what their dreaming, but one night a few months ago, I decided to try and get my husband to describe one of his past lives.

Believe it or not, it worked! He started describing a time in the Victorian era. I have always felt that I had once lived and been on the Titanic, and no, it's not because of the movie. Since I was little, I always had visions of it in my dreams, specific areas that I had never seen before and then later saw on specials and magazine articles. The most chilling evidence of this is I dreamt that I woke up on the bottom of the ocean on the outer balcony of a great ship that had split in two when it sank. This is relevant, believe it or not. Anyway, my husband started describing who he was.

Apparently, he was an archaelogist who dug up Egyptian ruins. He was in America, waiting for me to come to him by means of a massive ship, but something happened and I never made it. The ship sank in the middle of the Atlantic, on its way from France. He told me he was heartbroken when he lost me.

I was crushed when I heard this. But something happened. My husband's voice changed. It was rather eerie, it was still his voice, but infinitely wiser. The voice was full of love and compassion, and ultimate wisdom. My husband was no longer there in the mental sense.

The new being started to console me, and I broke down completely. He gathered me into his arms like a father would and tucked my hair behind my ear lovingly, saying "It's okay. Don't cry." I broke down even more when he started to reveal secrets of the universe to me. I trusted him immediately, and I started to tell him my fears, to which he replied, "I know what you fear." He told me I was stronger than most humans because I face my obstacles head on and never give up. I started to cry harder and denied this compliment. Then he became vehement of convincing me this was true. He said I was too hard on myself. He said that some self-criticism is a good thing, but not the level I take it to. We talked for two hours like this. I would ask a question, he would give an answer. After these 2 hours, I felt so drained that I needed to take a break. I went to take a shower and kicked myself for not talking longer. Whoever inhabited my husband's body was sure to be gone when I returned.

When I went back to my bedroom, my husband was still sound asleep. Tearfully, I lay down next to him. A few minutes later, he rolled over and in that same voice began speaking to me again. I felt happy that he had not left me! I was pregnant at the time and scared to death about becoming a new mother. I was worried I wouldn't be a good mother and that I couldn't love my child like I was supposed to. I told him this, and he said that if I couldn't love my child, I was not worthy to have him. I told him I know, I was just scared. He told me everything would be alright, that I would be a good mom. He said that this was because I care so deeply about everything around me, even a mouse that had been killed in a trap my husband had set. I bawled my eyes out when the poor thing was killed.

I am terrified of spiders, so I asked this presence why spiders have to exist. He explained that they are apart of the chain. Every creature on earth has its importance. So I asked why they have to come inside. He said that they don't have reasoning thought like we do. They don't know it's dangerous to come inside. I asked why they have to be so creepy then, with spindly legs and freaky bodies. He told me that they defend themselves with their creepy characteristics.

We talked like this for another two hours, about major cosmic things to simple little things. Finally, as I was starting to ask another question, the being put my husbands index finger to my lips and said, "Shhhhhh," very softly. "It's time to sleep now." I protested because I didn't want him to leave me and because I was no longer sleepy. Without a word, he waved his hands over my eyes, forcing me to close them. "Go to sleep," he ordered like my father. "Don't leave me," I begged, but he did. I went to sleep shortly thereafter.

It would be arrogant of me to presume who exactly took over my husbands body, but the first instinct I had when he started talking to me was God. It made sense to me because his voice was filled with infinite wisdom and I have never heard anyone come close to it. But he was so father like! And he knew the depths of my soul. And his voice and demeanor was very tender and loving and compassionate. I ached deeply when he left my husband, I felt empty. I am convinced that it was God using my husband to talk to me, but if I am wrong in that assumption, I definitely know it was some celestial being. Since this experience, I haven't tried to get my husband to describe his dreams for me because the end result hurt too bad.